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The El Adem Radio Service, RAF El Adem and Tobruk.

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1.Paul (Rick) Howes. (Posted 17/08/07).

2. Martyn Webster (Photo Posted 22/08/07).

3. Photographs of Charity Rounders Match (posted 01/12/07).

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Food, Glorious Food !!

By Paul (Rick) Howes,  Transmitting Station,  1958-60


 Some subject for debate …………

Can anyone remember the strike at El Adem over the terrible state of the food in the Airmen’s Mess ? 

I took part in the strike, in 1960, I think. I remember the food in the mess was absolute crap.  For breakfast there was often the previous evenings shepherd’s pie re-heated with a greasy fried egg on top !!!!  I'm not sure exactly how it started but that sort of news travels fast.  So on the day all the airmen who used the Mess went in and took their food straight from the serving area to the rubbish bins and scraped the complete lot into the bin.  Word very quickly got back to the Officer i/c the Airmen’s Mess.  The protest was reported in the U.K. national press.  A Catering Officer was sent from Cyprus and I remember we actually had fresh milk flown in from the U.K. and better food.  Of course as soon as it had all died down it was back to the rubbish.This would have been 1960 I think.  All the ex-El Adem airmen from those times will remember the station as a terrible place with bomb dump guards, chlorinated water from those towers outside, no doors on the w/c's, rubbish food, need I go on ? In fact the more I read The Cue Sheet memories I think I must have gone to a completely different station and all those people writing in with their memories were Officers ?

 Food for thought perhaps !!  ……… JM

Photo from Martyn Webster

MT Section 1964


From left:-: Martyn Webster, ?, Pete Collingburn, Ron Cartwright, in doorway ?,

Roger Knight, Alan Carrington.

I (Martyn) have often wondered what happened to Alan, he was attacked in London whilst on leave, Christmas 64.

He was badly injured and did not return to El Adem. Anyone have knowledge of Alan post El Adem?


The Ladies of El Adem versus The Gentlemen of El Adem Rounders Match.

Photographs courtesy of Bob 'Chippy' Woods, 14 Airfield Signals Troop 1959-60.




Noreen (Nurse) collecting donations for Charity

Helen Bell (Stn. Commanders Daughter)

Bob Woods

4.rick%20and%20helen.jpg 5.vickles%20and%20briahall%20.jpg

Rick(?) and Helen

Vicky, Les(?), BrianHall (RAF Regt.)



Peter (From German Town) and Helen

?? Thornton, Terry Thomas, Brian Hall, (?)



Noreen and Brian

(?), (?), Terry Thomas, Peter, Brian Hall, ? Thornton, Bob Woods.




Brian Hall


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