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In February 1992 I set about trying to trace around 30 people who I had worked with on TEARS during my tour between 1967 and 1969.  Within a few days I had found my ex-TEARS colleague and very good friend, John Langley.  It was some months before we had any more success. In fact we wondered if there was already a TEARS association and they were looking for us !!  Then I had a stroke of luck - The TV. show Surprise ! Surprise ! were interested enough in our story and, following that appearance, we've never looked back.  Details of our search have appeared in many Service and ex-Service publications, local and national newspapers and radio.

The idea of getting together again has not only appealed to ex-TEARS personnel but also to many who had nothing to do with the radio service at all - though some claimed to have listened !!  It may not have seemed so at the time but it would appear that a tour at RAF El Adem was a unique experience. So much so that we are now in touch with over 800 people.

The Friends of The El Adem Radio Service was formed following our first Reunion in 1993 when 133 people attended.  We've now staged 11 Reunions. It is impossible to adequately describe the atmosphere at these biannual events - I'll leave it to your imagination !  The collection of memorabilia, slides & cine footage (now transferred to video) brings back so many memories and many former work mates have reunited at these gatherings. We have met at various locations around the country between Reunions.

John Moir (John Moir, November 2006 )


1993 Reunion 1 Northampton

1994 Meet and Greet Peterborough

1994 Reunion 2 Northampton

1995 Meet and Greet Sheffield/Rotherham

1995 Meet and Greet Portsmouth

1996 Meet and Greet Northop Hall

1996 Reunion 3 Northampton

1997 Meet and Greet Northop Hall

1998 Meet and Greet Basildon

1998 Reunion 4 Northampton

1999 Meet and Greet Ilfracombe

1999 Meet and Greet Northop Hall

2000 Reunion 5 Northampton

2001 Meet and Greet Northop Hall

2002 Reunion 6 Northampton

2003 Meet and Greet Telford

2004 Reunion 7 Northampton

2006 Reunion 8 Milton Keynes

2008 Reunion 9 Milton Keynes

2010 Reunion 10 Oxford.


2012 Reunion 11 Milton Keynes

2014 Reunion 12 'The Finale'  was held at The Barnstaple Hotel, Barnstaple Devon. 20th. to 22nd. June 2014.





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